Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This past weekend I did a little photo sess with some close friends for their daughters 1st Birthday. They have always been a huge support in my photography and it's always so much fun photographing these little cuties. So here's a set from that shoot.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Finally, a new site

So I finally got my new site. But it could not have happen without my brother-in-law, Ben, and his mad (almost hacker like) computer skills. The old site was nice, but it just took too long to update. So now you should see more updates more often. Plus I really like how simple it is. Ben has designed it so what ever I name my folders for my photos, that's the button name on the site. And it's as easy as dragging and dropping the images into folders. It even resizes the images for me to fit within the proper window size. See. Told you homie has mad comp skills. Thanks bro!!

Check it

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stored Treasures

I have been looking for something creative to shoot. I wasn't to sure what, but I wanted to create some really interesting images. I talked to my good friend Robbie who works at NMX Sports, a non-profit for kids who want to get into snowboarding, skating, bmx, & wakeboarding. NMX recently became a city young development organization. With that came an old warehouse and a closed down strip club. I had been to the new NMX location a couple times and thought it had some good potential for some creative images. The club is under construction, so we just shot in the warehouse section. Once we went to the bottom level I knew this was going to be perfect. And I knew we didn't have enough in one night time for everything that was going through my head. We looked around and scoped some cool rooms that are under the old club. Rumor has it that they ran an underground escort service down there. Some super creepy vibes for sure! But in the warehouse were these old theatre seats, too perfect. So much random cool stuff, I can't wait to go back. mucho gracias to Robbie and Sarah!