Sunday, July 19, 2009


My step-Grandmother, Ginny, is terminally ill. The doctors gave her a very short time to live, weeks. All in all, she doing well.

A family member who is in the music business, Jay Boy Adams, came to Santa Fe and had a record studio set up to record Ginny sing one song. My wife heard this was happening from my step-mother, Carol and told me that I had to get up there and shoot this. I couldn't agree more. This was going to be a once in a life time moment. And it was. She did amazing! It was so moving to be in the studio and witnessing all this go down. It was beyond words.

As a photographer, you always dream of the day that all your hard work and expensive gear will pay off. For me, it's dreaming of shooting top snowboarders in the most epic conditions for Transworld Snowboarding magazine. Or getting a call from Juice magazine saying they want me to send them tons of skater photos. I can see it. One day, when I'm walking by the magazine self, I'll see one of my photos. That's when you know you made it, right?

Or is it getting a call to capture something that will be cherished by people for years to come.

While driving the hour drive back home from Santa Fe, I was thinking about what just happened. This is why I got into photography. It wasn't for the fame, or the exotic location shoots, but to capture something that will live in the hearts of so many people. That "something" is unconditional love, a person that gave you life, an emotion that is so strong it will bring anyone to tears, a moment for you to realize that this is life and it goes by fast.

I'm just so grateful that I was able to do this.

Thank you Jay!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

With my own eyes

The Westside Boys. I think I'm witnessing something very special.
Every Saturday morning at Los Altos skate park at 8am, you'll see the white Econo van full up with Westside in black Old English lettering across the side pull up full with kids. They jump out with decks in hand and start skating. This is their first stop of the day. The past couple weekends I showed up with my camera to capture something no else even knows that is happening. The Westside boys are skating. Not just the rails or stair sets but the WHOLE park.
As I mentioned before, these guys are the new Z-boys. I'm so lucky to be able to be apart of this. Pepe and E.T. are just killing it. And I'm seeing a lot of passion and progression in some the other skaters. One little man is only 10 and could probably clear me (6'5") as he airs out of a bowl.
So much more to come.