Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In my quest to shoot more personal projects, i finally made something happen. Personal work is very important to me. Especially right now. I have been trying to decide what my style is. At times, it feels as if I'm trying to force one style rather than letting my gut tell me what to do. After hours of looking at other photographer's blogs, such as (name drop)Chase Jarvis, Joey L(dude is only 20 years old!!),Zack AriasJeff CurtesJoe McNally, Scott Kelby and Nick Onken, I see great images and great styles that I want to create. Soul search time. So I asked a good friend to help me out. Corinne was a trained dancer before life as a wife and mom got a hold of her. She mentioned she wishes she had some nice photos from her dance days. Cool, let's make things happen. The main point of the shoot was to have fun. Forget about all those kick ass photogs. What do I want to capture? What style will I come up with? 

I had fun. I created images I like. And Corinne liked them too. 


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