Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Free Education

I started teaching at my old college this past semester and it got me thinking about education and what it means to "have an education".
Under the standards of our society, I'm "educated" at a college level. But at what price? Well, the price is high. I'm sure I'll be paying on my school loan for the rest of my life. Maybe not the rest of my life, but you get the idea. It's scary and ridiculous. And the sad part is that I'm not even in that industry any more. That's not completely true. I'm not a graphic designer any more, except for my self. I'm a professional photographer. That sounds so much better than "graphic designer", in my opinion of course. 
So here I am. I have a huge school loan for a degree in an industry I left. Now, I'm trying to make a living and feed my family by learning photography, a field of study that I knew very little about three years ago, all on my own. But I wouldn't say I'm self taught.
To be completely honest, I never wanted to go to school to learn photography. I strongly feel going to school for graphic design over complicated things for me. It came to a point where I was more concerned about the alignment of element then the over all aesthetics. I didn't feel creative anymore. When I really started to pursue photography, I felt creative. I didn't really care that I didn't know all the technical rationals about what make a good photo good. I just knew what I liked. Of course, I started getting more ideas and needed some help on how to actually produce them. That's when I turned to my best friend, the world wide web…2.0! 
I searched all over the web for anything photography related. After a few months doing that, I discovered some very inspirational photographers. Most notably, Chase Jarvis. Chase shared everything. How to light, how to be creative, how to be positive, how to never give up and how to share. He changed the game of photography. The old school photogs didn't want to share ANYTHING. I know. I use to work for one. For about three months and realized that it was a very bad move. 
I consider being taught by the masters; Chase Jarvis, Zack Arias, Jeremy Cowart, Scott Kelby, & Joe McNally (respectively -that's for you Zack).  And I'm finding more! Joey L is another amazing photog. I have a love-hate relationship with him though. The dude is only like 21 or 22 and is killing it! He's the one who shot the Twilight movie posters. He has amazing work and started so early. I'm jealous. All these guys are great artists. Which brings me back to teaching at my old art college. 
Can you teach art? My opinion, no. But you can teach people how to think in creative ways. Then it's up to that person to make the image in their mind's eye, real. To be creative, you need to be inspired. What inspires you? 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In my quest to shoot more personal projects, i finally made something happen. Personal work is very important to me. Especially right now. I have been trying to decide what my style is. At times, it feels as if I'm trying to force one style rather than letting my gut tell me what to do. After hours of looking at other photographer's blogs, such as (name drop)Chase Jarvis, Joey L(dude is only 20 years old!!),Zack AriasJeff CurtesJoe McNally, Scott Kelby and Nick Onken, I see great images and great styles that I want to create. Soul search time. So I asked a good friend to help me out. Corinne was a trained dancer before life as a wife and mom got a hold of her. She mentioned she wishes she had some nice photos from her dance days. Cool, let's make things happen. The main point of the shoot was to have fun. Forget about all those kick ass photogs. What do I want to capture? What style will I come up with? 

I had fun. I created images I like. And Corinne liked them too. 

Monday, March 1, 2010


I have been getting up to Taos Ski Valley just every weekend to get some shoots done. I'm taking a break right now. God thought I deserved a broken toe. So just chillin right now. I think I need it though. It has slowed me down and allowed me to focus on some other things.
Before last week when I broke my middle toe, I hooked up with Juaquin Wilson one weekend and got my sister up there the next weekend to snap some much need photos.
Juaquin is living in Hawaii now and will still kick my ass when we hike the ridge, not even faded. While I'm trying to keep up, I end up hiking trough waste high snow thanks to my 40lbs. camera back pack. Plus I'm getting to heavy. Juaquin knew the spot. We found an untouched line off the West basin. It was a good day.
The next weekend I got my sister up there for some " girls groomer shoots". The weather was not on my side, even though it was supposed to be blue bird. None the less, we got some shots. She is as good in front of the camera as she is behind it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wolf Spine

I finally got a chance to get into the backcountry a bit. We rolled up to Wolf Creek, CO with one sled between 9 of us. My friends found a killer spot to build a little booter. My goal was to get sequence shots. It was really hard not to pick up the camera and move under the booter. I just wanted to stay focused and nail the shots. I had no shortage of talent. This is my friend Dave M. throwing it down.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I just took some photos of some toys my good friend P Nut created and well, I thought I would share. He has a show coming up, February 20th - "Cool Kids Never Die" at 1810 Broadway SE @ 6pm. I had fun shooting these guys. This is just a small sample. There are tons more! And a lot of gold toys too.

At it again

Since I'm now out on my own doing the freelance photography gig, I finally had a chance to meet up with the Westside Boyz again. I really haven't seen them all winter. I was stoked to meet up with them again. And they were all stoked to see me. It was great.
Every time I plan on meeting up with them, I get it in my head that I have to get those epic shots. The ones that I'll look back on and be so glad I was there. I want to capture that moment that will never happen again. I remind my self when I get there to get into the action and not just stand back from a distance and shoot. It has got to the point now that where ever I am, they will come over. If I'm standing next to the half pipe, they'll yell out some trick that are about to do and I'll snap it. These guys really haven't stopped skating. I could see progress in all of them. I can see a lot of life in them when they're skating. And I can feel a lot of life in me when I'm out there shooting. For me, it's away to build my skills, think about the shot and framing it all while they're skating non-stop. It's fast and fun. I love being at it again!

^High Fivein'!^

Sunday, January 3, 2010


After 4 seasons, it was time for some new boots. I got the hook up on these Burton Rulers. I haven't had much luck with burton boots in the past. But these are working out well. I have 3 days on them so far. I love the Upper and Lower Zone lacing system.
So before I got them all the board, I thought I would play around with them and get a little photo action going.